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DNA Detectives students use modern techniques of molecular genetics to solve a wildlife forensics mystery

Molecular NYC is a study of the biodiversity of New York City through DNA barcoding

Up in the Trees is an introductory course in how to construct and interpret phylogenies.


Ecology/ Environmental Science

Wingin' It is a study of how birds adapt to urban environments.

Wild City is a study the types of wildlife that are found in cities and how they survive in an urban environment

Good in the 'Hood is a web-based course which studies access to green space in urban areas and issues of environmental justice

Puddle Smuddle is a specialized course that introduces budding scientists to the science of wetland ecosystems.

Estuary Explorers is a course to introduce students to coastal ecosystems, including: factors shaping shorelines, and the plants and animals that rely on these ecosystems.

What a Waste! Students will learn about the food system and explore the ways in which waste is produced at different stages.

Food, Me, and Everything We Know is a course for students to explore the connections between food and major aspects of our lives.


Earth Science

Water Water Everywhere is a course that will cultivate a desire for understanding water issues and the natural sciences while teaching students how science is performed in the real world.



Backyard Toxicology is a study of how toxins interact with living organisms

Toxic to Tasty: The Evolution of Food in this class, students will investigate the domestication history, chemistry, and genetics of over a dozen economically important crops ranging from apples to yucca.



Brain Works is an inquiry based course that emphasizes understanding how the “brain works” through current "hot topics” in neuroscience such as brain plasticity, learning, and memory.

Making Sense of the Senses in this course, students will learn and discover how our sensory systems process incoming signals, and just how good they really are.


Science Research

One neighborhood, one problem, many solutions! is a course about quality of life issues.

Psyched for Research: Learn It, Live It, Love It! is a course introduces students to the basic methodology of scientific research with the aim of creating an independent research project.


Educators are granted permission to use the ARMS referenced on this page for educational purposes only. Please credit the National Science Foundation, the CUNY Science Now GK-12 program, and the authors responsible for developing the course.