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Plagiarism and Works Cited

Activity Description/Rationale                                                          

The goal of this lesson is to focus on what plagiarism is and how to properly cite sources in a paper and as part of works cited.

NYS/CCL Standards (Content Knowledge, IAD)




Goals: Process Skills (Basic & Integrated) and Attitudes/ (Enduring Understandings & Essential Questions)

Students will gain an understanding of what plagiarism, and they will learn how to cite their sources properly.

Universal Design for Learning/Differentiation

This portion of the lab report project is designed to be taught after students have written the introduction but before they write the majority of the paper so that they can see what they’ve done incorrectly and modify their behavior appropriately. It’s designed as a group activity, so that all students will benefit from the lesson.



Citation examples

Citation worksheet

Estimated Length of Activity:

1 class period (45-50 minutes)


Ideally students will have written their introduction section prior to this assignment, however no pre-activity is required/necessary.

Activity Instructions:

(5-10 minutes) As a do now, have students write a definition for plagiarism. Have the class determine a definition based on the individual ones they came up with.

(30 minutes) Go over plagiarism test/quiz presentation with students.

(10 minutes) Give students works cited handout and have them fill out the works cited worksheet to ensure they are familiar with formatting of entries.   


Students will have works cited worksheet due at end of class/start of next class. In addition, these skills will be assessed throughout lab report assignment, ensuring proper citation of sources.

Assessment and Reflection

Assessment will be based on in class discussion and progression through the presentation. Also, students will be assessed based on the worksheet the complete at the end of class.

Instructor’s Notes:

Make sure that you are aware of your schools plagiarism guidelines and policy, and use that to aid your lesson. In addition, choosing example sources that are relevant to both the class and this assignment will make the process easier. Think about your school’s formatting guidelines and try to teach the students to follow that, rather than teaching them something new. If unsure, as a default, follow APA style guidelines.