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Abstract Section

Activity Description/Rationale                                                          

This lesson will teach students the importance of, and how to construct, an abstract.

NYS/CCL Standards (Content Knowledge, IAD)





Goals: Process Skills (Basic & Integrated) and Attitudes/ (Enduring Understandings & Essential Questions)

The process skills that students will work on are writing, specifically through summary with a focus on conciseness.

Universal Design for Learning/Differentiation

The activity is designed with examples and classroom work to ensure students understand the concept of an abstract and are able to practice it within the classroom setting.



Peer Editing Sheet

Estimated Length of Activity:

One class period (45-50 minutes)


Some type of lab report/experiment must have been completed before writing the abstract. Usually the last step in a lab report writing exercise.

Activity Instructions:

(5-10 minutes) For a do now activity have students describe what they think an abstract is. Then have a class discussion on abstracts, being sure do bring up their importance.

(20 minutes) Describe an abstract and what it should contain. You should go through the examples in the worksheet (pages 1), trying to bring in examples from their actual assignment.

(15-20 minutes) Have students write up an abstract using the examples on page one to guide their process. Once they have completed their sample abstract go over the ‘correct’ sample abstract and see if they have any questions, being sure to discuss any why questions they may have, and to address any major discrepancies. 


The assignment will be to write an abstract for their lab report.

Assessment and Reflection

Assessment will be based on in class completion of the sample abstract, as well as the assignment for their water quality lab report.

Instructor’s Notes:

Although the abstract comes first in the lab report format, it is something that is usually written last, after all the methods and results and discussion have been made.