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Activity 6 - Journal Article Concept Mapping

Activity Description

This activity is a follow up to Activity 1. Here students do the next step in the experiments to determine the effects of toxicants on blackworms. 

Estimated Time of Activity

2 class periods (1.5- 2 hours)

Activity Objectives

Students will be able to do the following as a result of the activity:

  1. Understand how to formulate scientific research projects.
  2. Evaluate scientific research.
  3. Engage in active scientific discussion with peers.

Activity Prerequisites

Students should have read and analyzed article 1 (newspaper article), performed two blackworm labs, and concept mapped ideas on the topic of toxicology.

Activity Instructions

  1. Concept map the term ‘toxicology’ as a class on the board. Ask the students to draw on their labs and article 1.
  2. Distribute the Introduction section of Article 2, “Development of an Ethanol Model Using Social Insects: IV. Influence of Ethanol on the Agression of Africanized Honey Bees (Apis mellifera L.)”.
  3. Ask students to individually read the article and record any terms they do not understand in their vocabulary notebook to look up for homework.
  4. Form students into groups.
  5. Ask the groups to construct concept maps of the major concepts of the article introduction.


Non-formative- participation with the group and class discussion

Formative- Group concept map, current vocabulary notebook


Students should read the Introduction and record terms in their vocabulary notebook. These terms should be defined for homework between the first and second class. Groups should create a concept map during the second class.



  • Large paper,
  • pencils or markers for concept map,
  • vocabulary notebooks,
  • Introduction from Article 2 (Development of an Ethanol Model Using Social Insects: IV. Influence of Ethanol on the Agression of Africanized Honey Bees (Apis mellifera L.))


Instructor’s Notes

Prior to beginning this Activity, instructors should read the article by Sally Hoskins et al, explaining how to apply the CREATE method to a research article. There are some major differences between the CREATE method for a newspaper article and the CREATE method for a research article. There is also a very nice PDF tutorial on the CREATE method adapted from the article in the teacher resources. During class, the instructor should circulate among the groups, facilitating the discussion of the article and the concept maps.

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