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Molecular NYC Course Goals

Research Literacy

  • Locate printed and online articles from the professional scientific literature
  • Read and interpret data in the professional scientific literature
  • Write a review of scientific literature in the area of interest
  • Critically assess relevance and procedures of primary research


Experimental Design

  • Develop a research plan in the area of interest
  • Identify and develop testable hypotheses
  • Understand the significance of relevant variables, controls, materials, and overall experimental design
  • Explain and perform analytical procedures in the area of interest


Data Collection/Analysis

  • Apply appropriate laboratory techniques to data collection in the area of interest
  • Summarize and present data in an appropriate format using statistical software such as Excel
  • Interpret and evaluate data as supporting or refuting the hypothesis proposed
  • Maintain organized lab/field notebook


Sharing Results

  • Write, present and publicly defend a research proposal
  • Summarize key points of research concisely and clearly using PowerPoint software
  • Prepare a research poster to be displayed in a public presentation
  • Write a final research proposal/report


Relevance and Impact of Research

  • Connect primary research to everyday problem solving
  • Evaluate the ethical implications of research and acknowledge limitations of research
  • View problems using a whole system approach that incorporates various fields of inquiry
  • Apply critical thinking skills outside of the classroom


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