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Activity 3: Urban Bird Song Analysis

This activity will take the place of 5 one- hour class periods (5 hours total).  All lessons are included in the teacher's Activity 3 guide below. 

The purpose of this activity is to allow students to investigate adaptive behaviors of birds in urban environments. In this activity, students will conduct a small, guided experiment in which they record the songs of birds near their school using microphones and digital recorders.  They will learn how to analyze these songs using the sound-analysis software Raven Lite.  Students will also interpret the data based on analyses from readings done prior to conducting the experiment.  

  • The first lesson will introduce students to behavioral adaptations birds have developed in cities.  It will also allow students to familiarize themselves with sound equipment.  
  • The second and third lesson will have students use sound equipment and computers in class to record, upload, and analyze sound files into Raven Lite.   
  • The fourth lesson will have students go out into the field/ local environment to record actual bird songs.   
  • The fifth lesson will have students upload and analyze their bird song recordings, comparing them to songs of rural birds.  

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