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DNA Techs

Activity Description

Everything learned up to this point is reviewed in a slide presentation and the topics are synthesized under a forensic framework. Students generate keywords for the Unit and discuss them as a class.

Estimated Time of Activity

up to 1.5 hours

Activity Objectives

Students will be able do the following as a result of the activity:

  1. Explain a simple strategy for determining the identity of an individual from DNA sequence
  2. Think of keywords that summarize genetics generally and a few that touch on foresic genetics 

Activity Prerequisites


Activity Instructions

  1. Lecture, encourage questions
  2. Have the students write keywords for the course on sticky notes. Words like: DNA, RFLP, translation, OCA2, etc
  3. With about 20 or 30 minutes left of class, have the students place their sticky notes on the board
  4. Organize them by keyword
  5. If there is enough time, reorganize them into conceptual clusters. 


There is no formal assessment here but the stduents at the end should have generated at least 20 keywords associated with the course so far. 


  • Slide presentation
  • Sticky notes (at least 20 per student)
  • Camera to photogragh the keyword cloud on the board

Instructor’s Notes

The keyword exercise leads into a concept map exercise later. At the end, take clear photographs of the board so that the words can be summarized later. This may require multiple, up-close photos rather than a single one that captures the board as a whole. This is an example of what the class board should look like at the end of this exercise: